Monday, February 18, 2013


Thanks to Jeff & Nora for the lovely package above.  Sorry there is no awesome, custom thank you sign to go along with it. Everything is fantastic.  The homemade cayenne pepper is the best cayenne that I have ever smelled or tasted.  And also something we neglected to bring to the country, and the "cayenne" purchased here, resembles paprika more than cayenne.  Thank you so much.  
Plus, the kids love the bubble wrap!

Another super thanks goes out to the Mr. & Mrs. Muffin.  Even though you didn't not send us a package to the DR, or even to my parents house, we had to come all the way to San Diego to get it, the contents and presentation were amazing.  As awesome as it would have been to open that down here and bring some sunshine to the day, it was just as awesome to open it in front of ya'll.  Not to mention we left a few items at home because we'd actually like them in the future, ie the beautiful painting by the budding young artist that displays his work at the end of Newport at 1am and the hot sauce from Japan.  

Another(!) thank you goes to Christine and Kevin for the kit that makes regular juice, super juice, and the key to my new hobby... a harmonica.  I've looked up lots of pages about how to learn and actually play, but I haven't brought myself to actually learn it yet.  But I will.  I will. And it will be fabulous.  Kitty is going to learn to play too.  And in no way is that weird.  

Related Topic!  I updated the list of requested items, removing some that we have plenty of and adding things we don't have nearly enough of.... like sauce packets from Arby's (or any restaurant) and gravy packets.. country and brown... and really any packeted sauce found in the aisle.  You know what I'm talking about.  Do not send us rice. Thank you. :)